About FortyNorth Security 

FortyNorth Security is a boutique information security consulting company specializing in offensive security work. We utilize a team of respected and experienced ethical hackers to hunt for security vulnerabilities that would negatively impact your organization. Our mission is to identify and remediate these weaknesses before they are exploited.

We invest in you by investing in our team. By insisting on vetted and highly trained professionals, FortyNorth Security is able to provide the highest quality service and deliverables. That translates into peace of mind for you, knowing you can trust our work.

Why Choose Us?

In an environment filled with adversaries, FortyNorth Security is your greatest cyber ally.

  • We are led by the best of best in cyber security

  • Our team is composed of thoroughly vetted and highly-trained ethical hackers and developers

  • We utilize a combination of tools and processes to effectively emulate modern day threats

      • We proactively evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s security posture

      • We employ industry best practices to effectively thwart attacks and keep your company’s information secure

      Our Experience

      Experience - 10+ years
      Expertise - 100%
      Value For Money - 100%

      About the Founders

      Chris Truncer - Co-Founder and Red Team Lead for FortyNorth Security
      Chris Truncer

      red team lead & co-founder


      Chris’ experience extends across a number of industries, including private and government spaces, performing vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and red team assessments. Chris actively speaks at conferences around the world and has provided cutting-edge training at industry conferences such as Black Hat.

      Jared Blatt - Co-Founder and President of FortyNorth Security
      Jared Blatt

      president & co-founder


      Jared is the president and co-founder of FortyNorth Security. Jared thrives on developing and fostering valuable business relationships. He brings extensive sales and business development experience to FortyNorth, which proves vital in procuring new business opportunities and strategic alliances.

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