Collaborative Red Team

The collaborative red team assessment follows the traditional attack life cycle, however the test is not adversarial in nature. FortyNorth Security will work with your organization’s defenders throughout the entire cycle of the collaborative red team assessment.

The collaborative red team assessment is a test case driven assessment that progresses through all steps of an attack including phishing, privilege escalation, lateral movement, persistence, data theft, and more.

During each phase, FortyNorth Security will perform multiple pre-determined attacker techniques, and work with your defenders to determine whether each action was detected. FortyNorth will notate if each action is initially detected, or able to be detected after developing enhancements for current detection capabilities.

The goal for the collaborative red team assessment is for your organization to know exactly which attacker actions are currently detected within their internal environment, and to identify opportunities for growth. Your organization will be provided with a report that showcases your detection capabilities and identify areas that can be improved to ensure your organization has the means of detecting advanced attacker tradecraft.

Collaborative Red Team Services from FortyNorth