Wireless Network Security Assessment

A wireless network security assessment is designed to test the implementation and security of your organization’s wireless network. Generally, organizations have wireless networks for both their employees and for guests. The guest network should be completely segregated from the actual business network to prevent guests from accessing internal company resources.

There are many steps when performing a wireless network security assessment. A sample set of these steps include:

  • Site Survey
    – We walk through your building to identify all wireless networks

    • Compare the list of detected wireless networks with authorized wireless networks and potentially investigate rogue networks at the request of your organization
  • Review Access Point Configuration
    • Identify the security technologies implemented on the customer provided wireless networks and attempt to identify and compromise weaknesses
    • The attack path utilized will depend upon the different technologies utilized by your organization to secure your wireless infrastructure
  • Segmentation Test
    • Test from your employee network and guest network (if applicable) to identify what resources are accessible from your organization’s wireless network
      • The results will be compared with your organization’s design documentation to identify anomalies

The wireless network security assessment will help organizations ensure that their wireless network deployment is properly secured from the perspective of securely accessing the wireless network(s) and segmentation from sensitive internal resources.

Wireless Network Security Assessment Services from FortyNorth